Conic projection is a map projection on which the meridians of normal aspect are mapped as the straight lines intersecting in one point at the angles proportional to the difference between the corresponding longitudes of the meridians and parallels as the arcs of concentric circles with the centre in the meridian intersection.
There are many different conic projections. One of them is the Lambert conformal conic.

Conic projection

Map of Europe in Lambert conformal conic projection

Types of Conic Map Projections



Albers Equal Area Conic

Albers Equal Area Conic
Albers Continuum

Lambert Conformal Conic

Mercator Lambert Stereographic Continuum

Equidistant Conic (Simple Conic) conic

Equidistant Conic Continuum

Bipolar Oblique Conic Conformal oblique conic conformal